Curry Samosa

Quantity: 20pcs/pack
Keep Frozen at -18°C

Potato, Sugar, Salt, Curry powder, Sweet cumin powder, Cumin powder, *Food additives (E621), Lemon grass, Chilli paste (cili boh), *Onions (contain sulphite), Garlic, Curry leaves, Margarine, Cooking Palm oil, *Spring roll skin (contain wheat).

Allergen Information:
Wheat, fish, nuts, crustaceans (crab & prawn), molluscs (oyster), soy, sulphite, milk and eggs also been used in the factory.

Serving Suggestion:
Deep fry in 160°C hot oil until golden brown. Ready to eat.

***For Cold Truck Delivery Service***
Only major cities in Peninsular Malaysia,not covered Sabah Sarawak and rural area
Feel free to contact customer service for covered postcode area.

When will your parcel arrive ???
1-2 working days upon ordering
pack with sytrofoam box to maintain the quality

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